Building a Combat Encounter Edit

  1. Decide budget. A fair encounter has a budget of 400 points, you may deviate from this to reflect easy or difficult fights.
  2. Divide budget. An average opponent is 100 points. While you could always run combats with 4 average enemies, this would be dull. Vary the combination of weak/strong foes, as well as foes with different fighting styles appropriate to the situation.
  3. Establish the terrain. A sniper atop a shear canyon ridge is far more dangerous, and interesting, than one lying on an open plane.

Running an Encounter Edit

  1. Determine initiative order by comparing Acrobatics rolls. Proceed from highest to lowest. Individuals can delay their turn until after another takes their turn or until specific conditions are met.
  2. Each character can move (usually up to 6 spaces) and attack once each turn.

Rewards Edit

  • Any items left behind or on defeated enemies is usually scavenged by the victors.
  • After every 10 combat encounters, a player can choose a new combat ability