Combat abilities are learned through experience. Characters begin play with 1 or 2 combat abilities, and learn a new one for every 10 successful combat encounters.

Combat Ability ListEdit


After killing an opponent, you gain +20% on your next attack and deal +1 damage if it hits.

Close Quarters Combat

If an adjacent target attempts to make a ranged attack against you, you may make a free melee attack against them first.

Combat Mobility

You can attack in the middle of movement. (IE: Move 3 squares, attack, move 3 squares.

Die Hard

You must incur 2 hits after being wounded to be reduced to disabled.


+2 to your base movement speed (which is 6 by default)

Killshot (Requirement: 25 in any Marksmanship skill):

Make any marksmanship attack at 1/4 your skill. (IE: With a skill of 60, you'd roll 1d100+15) If you hit, your opponent is killed outright.


If an adjacent target moves more than one space away from you, you may make a free melee attack against them first.

Martial Artist

Increase the damage die of your unarmed attacks by 1 step.

Flurry (Requirement: Martial Artist)

You may make two seperate unarmed attacks, reducing the damage die of both to d4.

Snatch the Fly (Requirement: Martial Artist) 

You may make an active Unarmed Skill roll to defend against either Throwing or Archery attacks.

Sneak Attack

Deal an extra die of damage when your target is either unaware of you or flanked by an ally.

Tough as Nails

Halve the penalties associated with wounds and disabilties.

Weapon Specialization ( X )

For the chosen weapon,  increase your damage by 1.