Enemy Stats Edit

Enemies don't need stats as in-depth as players. This is the format in which they will be presented.

Attack: (M/R) #, #d#
Evade #
Skill #, Skill #, etc.

For example, a Raider with only a melee attack and no other skills would be represented as.

Name: Raider
Spiked Bat: (M) 25, 1d8
9mm Pistol: (R) 25, 1d6
Evade 50

Creating an Opponent Edit

Opponents should be designed based on the standard challenge scale. The opponent should be built with a number of points equal to three times the target number for their respective difficulty level. Players should normally be balanced against 400 points of foes.

Difficulty : Enemy Budget
Weak Average Competent Exceptional Powerful Great Masterful Godlike
75 100 225 300 375 450 525 600

All aspects of the opponent are paid for on a 1:1 basis, excepting HP.

HP : Cost
10HP 15HP 20HP 25HP 30HP 35HP 40HP 50HP
25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200

Enemy List Edit


Your average foe, with no real strengths, weaknesses, or outstanding features.

9mm Pistol: (R) 25, 1d6
Butcher Knife: (M) 25, 1d6
Evade 50


Low HP and poor defensive capabilities mean that snipers are best positioned

Rifle: (R) 45, 1d10
Unarmed: (M) 20, 1d4
Evade 30
Perception 80

Brute (Average)

Big, tough, and not much else. Brutes can take alot of damage in melee, so they're best picked off from afar, especially with aimed shots.

Spiked Bat: (M) 55, 1d8
Evade 20

Lurker (Average)

Lurkers don't have much HP and arn't very agile, focusing on completely offensive combat. They excel in ambush scenarios.

Combat Knife: (M) 75, 1d6 (1d8 if target unaware or flanked)
Evade 25
Stealth 50

Ninja (Average)

"Ninjas" are agile opponents with good melee capabilities. They're hard to hit, but can't take much damage.

Shortsword: (M) 75, 1d8
Evade 75