What are Resources? Edit

Resources are the consumable materials necessary for survival in the wasteland. They are the most commonly scavenged and traded goods. Resources are divided into four classes, much like treasures, of ascending value and rarity.

Class-D Edit

Water: The human body requires 1 quart of water a day to survive. Water is dispersed in quarts. You may break this down into 2x bottles of energy drink or juice (16oz a piece) or 3x cans of soda (11oz a piece) either of which equal a day's water requirement in total.

Food: A human can live for about 4-6 weeks without food.

Cards: After the fall, old credit cards are exchanged as currency. Give out 1d10 cards per unit. Cards should be given only when food or water are not scarce, and only in places where this makes logical sense. (IE: You don't find 50 credit cards in an old day-care center.)

Class-C Edit

Ammunition: In the harsh wasteland, many wanderers need guns, and guns need ammo. See: Equipment

Power Cell: Electronic devices need power, which is often provided by small consumable power cells.

Fuel: Many vehicles, power generators, appliances, and even weapons require fuel to function.

Scrap Metal: Most metal devices found in the wasteland are recycled from old junk.

Class-B Edit

Drugs: Various kinds of drugs, developed with the Science skill, are available for performance and life enhancement.

Medicine: Medical supplies are at a premium in the wasteland. Used with the Medicine skill to treat illness and injury.

Class-A Edit