What is Scavenging?Edit

Scavenging is the process of searching for resources and equipment, usually amongst the ruins of the old world.

Running a ScavengeEdit

Players are only allows to scavenge once per day. Multiple scavenging trips to multiple sites may be attempted, but should be treated as a single extended scavenge. Visiting multiple sites may allow for the players to find a greater variety of goods.

  1. Decide what kind of place/group is being raided. A burnt out hospital will wield different rewards than a teddy-bear factory.
  2. Decide the quality of the site, either poor, average, or rich.
  3. Have the players roll Perception (or Bushcraft in a wilderness setting) to locate valuable goods. Take the highest roll.
  4. Compare with the chart below. For each class of resources found, roll the appropriate die (by site quality) to determine the number of resources found. Either choose appropriate resources of this class by location or roll randomly.
  5. Feel free to add other "junk" items to your description of the place. The table allows you to properly disperse valuables, but a good wastelander will make full use of his surroundings. Expect questions like "It's got brick walls? Are there any loose bricks I can pick up?"

Scavenging Chart Edit

Poor: Increase all DCs by 25. Find 1d4 resources.

Average: Standard DCs. 1d8 Resources.

Rich: Reduce all DCs by 25. 1d10 Resources.

25 - D-Class Resources

50 - C-Class Resources

75 - B-Class Resources

100 - A-Class Resources, D-Class Treasures

125 - C-Class Treasures

150 - B-Class Treasures

175 - A-Class Treasures

Example Edit

A party of wanderers search through an old convenience store. Having been scavenged in the past, the GM rules it to be a poor site. Getting a 55 on their roll. (Class C&D resources.) The GM rolls 1d4 for each resource class. He comes up with 3 and 2. The party finds six bottles of Gatorade (equal to 3 quarts of water total), and 2 power cells. One of the wanders asks if there is a deli section, which the GM confirms. The player narrates breaking into the freezer of the deli section and, overcoming the horrible stench of age old rotted meat, recovering a large meat hook from it. Another member of the party grabs a shopping cart for them to put their loot in.